Just a sass based css flex-grid framework boilerplate type-of-thing. Helper classes, responsive typography and some wp_autoclass stuff to boot.

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okay, so what's going on here then?

okay, so what's going on here then?

This is my style-sheet spill, it's a sass based responsive boilerplate, utalizing flex-box with loads of usefull helper classes to streamline workflow.

More flexible... smaller... easier classes... and you can hack it from the outset so if you want your h1 red, you can just type it and spill won't hold you back

You can download the source files at... github

*as you can see I love ellipsis...
tied-up ...this is not me


This is rerally the only place you need to change anything in spill

All the variables that effect how the css class's output

Global width and breakpoints, typography, padding/margins, links and color scheme

Responsive Typography

  • sass mixin converts px to rem
  • rem are responsice to the html set font-size
  • html font-size changes at breakpoints making the global typography responsive
  • As with all settings... season to taste

Flex-Box Grid

  • A classic 12 grid sytem
  • Set up a a container div with .flex-row and off you go
  • Add responsive sizes to flex items sml-12 med-4 lrg-6
  • Align the items or self with predesigned classes

↪ Padding & Margin

Easy access classes make it easy to finness your layout

includes vertical and/or horizontal padddin/marging

Helper Classes

Simple classes to help take the sting out of grunt work

Text, color, backgrounds, borders, display with simple go-to easy class names

Wordpress Compatable

Slides in as part of your WP theme nice and easy and also has the wp auto-classes covered so your on the level